Our Sausage and Pork


        Teal's Pure Pork Sausage is made using the original recipe dating back to 1915. This old fashioned, farmers-style, course ground fresh sausage is made using the meat from the entire pig rather than just the "trim". We use a natural casing and do not add any fillers or artificial preservatives. The result is a sausage with a distinct "meaty" taste that can be enjoyed by all. All of our sows are sourced from a single local farm.

Besides our sausage we carry a full line of delicious pork products, all from locally sourced hogs. Some of our most popular include, our thick cut pork chops, beautifully smoked side bacon, and pork roasts custom cut and tied.

Our Beef

     There is nothing nicer than a beautiful cut of beef to make your family supper something special! Some of our beef is sourced from Anna's parents' family farm (Bennville Limousins) where they have been raising quality purebred beef cattle for several decades now, the remainder is sourced from other local farms with similar production practices and animal care standards. All of our beef comes from quality young beef breed animals, never from cull cows or dairy breeds. Consistency of quality is one of our main goals, so we work hard to source only what meets our high standards. All our beef is dry aged a minimum of 14 days (with most hinds being aged 21 days) before it is expertly cut for our retail counter.


Chevon (Goat Meat)

Many people are surprised to learn that Chevon (goat meat) is the most widely consumed red meat in the world. Goats are a very sustainable livestock species, able to make good use of a variety of plants that other livestock can't access. Chevon is a low fat, low cholesterol red meat, packed full of nutritious goodness and great taste. It is ideal for anyone looking for a leaner red meat alternative or to add some healthy variety to their diet. Chevon is a staple in Carribean, East Indian, and Greek cuisines, to name a few.

Finding fresh, consistently high quality goat meat in Canada is a challenge with much of what you will find being imported from overseas.That is where we come in. All of the chevon meat you find in our store is grown and raised, here, on our farm and carries our herd's name on the label, Springvalley Boers. As a result our goat meat boasts "zero miles traveled" from birth right through to finished product in the meat counter. Our animals are raised in a comfortable, low stress environment. They are fed a balanced mixture of pasture, hays and grains.  Our chevon is tender, savoury and mild in flavour. When you look for the Springvalley logo you know that you are getting 100% local, zero miles traveled, fresh chevon, raised right here on our family farm.  

Want a look inside our Goat Barn and learn more about how our goats are raised? Check it out here!