Globe And Mail article - Why Aren't We Eating More Goat Meat? By Deborah Reid, October 2018

Recipients of Ontario Goat's Meat Goat Advocate of the Year Award, 

spring 2017.

Maclean's Magazine Article about Goat Meat featuring pictures from our farm, January 2017

Goats feeding at Teal’s Meats in Waterford, Ontario on January 23, 2017. (Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Andrew Campbell @FreshAirFarmer, Dinner Starts Here farm video series; Meet a Meat Goat Farmer

Western Producer, Family Proud of Putting Food On Table, October 27 2016

Photo by Sharon Grose

Better Farming Magazine; October 2016

Teal's Meats in Hagersville Celebrates 100 Years, The Sachem, Jan. 10 2015

Farm and Food Care's Faces of Farming Profile

Make It Ontario Beef Newsletter, Meet An Ontario Beef Farmer Profile,

Spring 2015

Limousin Voice - Fall 2014 - article on page 25

Haldimand County Business Excellence Award Winner in the Agribusiness Category, spring 2014